The Magic Resisted

When the muggles are taken from us, all that is left is for the wizards to unite.* Day 31 Very aware of my surroundings. Released a baby mandrake from a water orb. I know how the poor little guy feels. We’re all screaming inside. Fought off a boggart to free Ron. The magic resisted. FoundContinue reading “The Magic Resisted”

The threat of dead house plant

Geronimo is a big, beautiful, waxy green spathiphyllum* who is 3.5 feet tall and at least that wide. After some initial hesitation at his sheer size, I have grown to appreciate his presence in my tiny apartment. These plants are known to be easy care, long living, and helpful in purifying the air. The problemContinue reading “The threat of dead house plant”

What’s Next?

*Yes, I’m back. But only just. It’s 2016, and I’m eating Ramen noodles for dinner. Pokemon is all the rage again. What’s next? These young people, they like to tell us that everything is changing, but I’m not fooled. History follows logical patterns, as any good conspiracy theorist knows, and this one is a taleContinue reading “What’s Next?”

A Little Snark with Your Chocolate?

This, in and of itself, advertised yesterday on the radio, is enough snark to last me for at least another month of winter. Thank you, Vermont Teddy Bears. The description. The description is killing me. You have to read it. Please note the thoughtful disclaimer: “Contains small parts. Not suitable for children.” That–and no otherContinue reading “A Little Snark with Your Chocolate?”

Siri Doesn’t Get Word Nerds

This is such a perfect example of my life: Setting: home; the evening after (yet another) dentist visit Characters: two lovers of the English language Siri doesn’t get word nerds. Interrobangs are awesome. … Ten minutes later: victory to the craving. All in a day’s work.

A Word About Coffee Addicts

You know you have it bad as a coffee addict when you run out of the house, late, screaming behind you as you run, “I hate you, Benedict!”, having just renamed your travel mug (formerly “Harvey”), who—yes, “who”—disappeared at a most inconvenient moment. Fifteen minutes later, when the aforementioned coffee mug rolls out from beneathContinue reading “A Word About Coffee Addicts”

A Bar for All Types

Do you know what this town needs? I do, thanks to the good souls responsible for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. I was driving home from a coffee shop today, musing about an empty building on Fourth Street, when it hit me. What this town needs is a bar that caters to the needs of bothContinue reading “A Bar for All Types”

Spinach in the Teeth of Life

I wish I could have been around for the meeting when some aspiring superstore organizer decided that the matches should be shelved not with the kitchen supplies, not with the camping gear, not with the candles, not with the butane lighters or the grilling tools, but next to the toothpicks. “Hey, you know what? BothContinue reading “Spinach in the Teeth of Life”

RE: Watch for Flying Forks

In honor of the day’s celebrations, I decided to uncork a finely aged post from the 2009 vintage. What a good year that was. Let it breathe; then savor it well, and Happy Valentines Day! Theater people are superstitious. New Years Day is full of “do”s and “don’t”s to get the year off to aContinue reading “RE: Watch for Flying Forks”

The Twelfth Day of Christmas

(also known as Twelfth Night) (Shakespeare) (!!!) On the twelfth day of Christmas, my locale gave to me… Twelve mindless blog posts Eleven ’13 planners Ten freezing fingers Nine more to-do lists Eight resolutions Seven Frisbee bruises Six mountain mouse heads Five RayLen wines Four to-do lists Three deadlines Two aspirin and a deer crossingContinue reading “The Twelfth Day of Christmas”