Five GIFs that express the sensation of flying with sinus congestion

The title pretty much says it all. Visiting family for Christmas is a great delight; however, flying home with a head cold is more like: 1. Bubblegum about to explode 2. The Death Star exploding 3. Doc Ock losing control of his sun 4. The birth scene in the Alien movies 5. Priori Incantatem inContinue reading “Five GIFs that express the sensation of flying with sinus congestion”

Departing Boston, Epic-Style

A perfectly epic trip to Boston last weekend ended in what was, for me, a perfectly ironic flight home. Ladies and gentlemen: exhibit A. Flying from Boston to a stopover in Washington, D.C., I found myself sitting beside a vivacious and precocious middle schooler. Now, ever since I tried to color a Snow White cartoonContinue reading “Departing Boston, Epic-Style”