Nominated for the Pushcart Prize!

From vox poetica: 12.05.14 Posted in today’s words by Annmarie Lockhart It never gets easier, but it still makes me happy! I’m pleased to announce this year’s vox poetica nominations for the Pushcart Prize: Burning a Hole in Daylight by Harry Calhoun Holding On by Jeanette Cheezum Moon by Neil Ellman Saying please by Susan Sweetland GarayContinue reading “Nominated for the Pushcart Prize!”

The Happiest Little Introvert’s Night on the Town: A Child’s Book for Adults

The Happiest Little Introvert woke up in time for tea, then ambled through the kitchen singing, “There’s no one but me!”   The Happiest Little Introvert stopped dead and gave a hoot: she’d reached a well-thought-out retort for last week’s lost dispute.   Two hours hence, our Introvert sat digging through her clutches. The goldContinue reading “The Happiest Little Introvert’s Night on the Town: A Child’s Book for Adults”

I’m on a bus…14 buses

“Winston-Salem Writers recently received an Innovative Projects Grant from the Winston-Salem Forsyth County Arts Council for 2014. The purpose of the Grant is to place specially designed Poetry in Plain Sight posters in all 58 buses in Winston-Salem for one year. We are drawing on this past year’s selected poems (2013), with an eye towardsContinue reading “I’m on a bus…14 buses”

Goals for Fall 2013

Welcome to the world, Fall 2013! I’ve been planning for your arrival, and I’ve got a full to-do list lined up next to your name. 1. Fall down less frequently. Just because the leaves are doing it, doesn’t mean that I have to. In fact, I should probably let them have their moment of gloryContinue reading “Goals for Fall 2013”

Frozen April Poetry

In true irony, showcasing my eternally pessimistic nature, I welcomed in the spring with a poem called “Frozen.” Just kidding. Except not. I was thrilled to have my poem accepted by the poetry blog vox poetica! They are featuring the poem on “today’s words“; it will migrate to the poemblog after today. If you haven’tContinue reading “Frozen April Poetry”