The Magic Resisted

When the muggles are taken from us, all that is left is for the wizards to unite.* Day 31 Very aware of my surroundings. Released a baby mandrake from a water orb. I know how the poor little guy feels. We’re all screaming inside. Fought off a boggart to free Ron. The magic resisted. FoundContinue reading “The Magic Resisted”

The threat of dead house plant

Geronimo is a big, beautiful, waxy green spathiphyllum* who is 3.5 feet tall and at least that wide. After some initial hesitation at his sheer size, I have grown to appreciate his presence in my tiny apartment. These plants are known to be easy care, long living, and helpful in purifying the air. The problemContinue reading “The threat of dead house plant”

Workouts for Apartment Living, 2.0

Living in an apartment has its own unique charm. Even though many apartment complexes boast state-of-the-art workout facilities on site, residents also have access to more basic, everyday forms of exercise. All it takes is a little ingenuity. Lest you think I’m reverting to the old whine about the calf workout you get from livingContinue reading “Workouts for Apartment Living, 2.0”

My Dumbphone Speaks Latin

…what can your smartphone do? Recently, my aging phone has begun to talk back. In Latin. In complicated Latin. Any time I attempt to use the coordinating conjunction “but”, my phone decides that it would prefer to use “ut”. And, as every classically educated scholar knows, “ut” is one of the more complicated Latin termsContinue reading “My Dumbphone Speaks Latin”


The Snark is back! (As I have written before, the summertime Snark retracts its claws, curls up on a sunny beach, and purrs for the bulk of July and August. September has just enough bite in the air to stir the Snark back to an active and crotchety state.) A new word has been addedContinue reading “In-desk-ribable”