Things I like: shameless plugs

I have tremendously talented friends. We’re talking fire-breathing, elephant-herding, shattering glass buildings in a single B talents, here. (Also, they are firmly in support of snark. And no one told me to write this post–I’m too snarky for that. So, you should read about them on your lunch break.) 1. Fire-breathing Bees? Who they are:Continue reading “Things I like: shameless plugs”

Review: Luka and the Fire of Life

Luka and the Fire of Life: a Novel by Salman Rushdie (Random House, 2010) Remember what happened when David Lynch and William Blake went out for tea? Well, now imagine that Salman Rushdie emceed a brunch-time conversation between Neil Gaiman, Norton Juster, Lewis Carroll, and Paulo Coelho. The result would be Rushdie’s Luka and theContinue reading “Review: Luka and the Fire of Life”

What Happens to a Snark in Winter?

When you see how the snark shivers sad in the cold, It makes you forget all your woe. With his claws clenched in tight and his fur fluffing bold, the snark is a summertime foe. Evr’y feather a-quiver, each toe tucked away, he waits for the warmth to return. He’s no comeback to offer, noContinue reading “What Happens to a Snark in Winter?”