I’m on a bus…14 buses

“Winston-Salem Writers recently received an Innovative Projects Grant from the Winston-Salem Forsyth County Arts Council for 2014. The purpose of the Grant is to place specially designed Poetry in Plain Sight posters in all 58 buses in Winston-Salem for one year. We are drawing on this past year’s selected poems (2013), with an eye towardsContinue reading “I’m on a bus…14 buses”

Frozen April Poetry

In true irony, showcasing my eternally pessimistic nature, I welcomed in the spring with a poem called “Frozen.” Just kidding. Except not. I was thrilled to have my poem accepted by the poetry blog vox poetica! They are featuring the poem on “today’s words“; it will migrate to the poemblog after today. If you haven’tContinue reading “Frozen April Poetry”

The Twelfth Day of Christmas

(also known as Twelfth Night) (Shakespeare) (!!!) On the twelfth day of Christmas, my locale gave to me… Twelve mindless blog posts Eleven ’13 planners Ten freezing fingers Nine more to-do lists Eight resolutions Seven Frisbee bruises Six mountain mouse heads Five RayLen wines Four to-do lists Three deadlines Two aspirin and a deer crossingContinue reading “The Twelfth Day of Christmas”

My Personal Fiscal Cliff

All day today, the financial world has been on Pinterest pins and pine needles about the outcome of the so-called “fiscal cliff” stipulated by Congress in the Budget Control Act of 2011 (automatic spending cuts and tax increases that go into effect at midnight). This poses a dilemma for the author of Snark on theContinue reading “My Personal Fiscal Cliff”

Redbox: A Bedtime Story

The last time I watched a movie from Redbox, it vanished mysteriously somewhere between the DVD player and the return item slot. (The Amazing Spider-Man was good, but not $25-lost-item-fee great.) Tormented by guilt over my gross negligence in this affair, I swore that it would never happen again. As a result, my most recentContinue reading “Redbox: A Bedtime Story”

The Story Addict

In my humble opinion, the best conversations last for at least an hour and conclude with a handshake and, “My name is Jen, by the way.” That is, if you are a certified story addict like I am. Whether talking about Peter the Great, the Great Depression, and the harems of ancient Persia with anContinue reading “The Story Addict”