The Revenge of the Fish

I love Goldfish® crackers. I love them in a bag. I love them in a box. I love them in a carton. I love them in the multi-p(ox).* But, apparently, Goldfish® crackers do not suffer forever the rampant gormandizing of our species. Sometimes, they fight back. Yesterday, I fell victim to one such attack. ItContinue reading “The Revenge of the Fish”

The Girl of 100 Hats

It is true that I have been known to hold, concurrently, as many as four part-time jobs. I am comfortable wearing many different hats, as long as the wool one with the flaps over the ears is on the bottom and the pink straw Easter bonnet is second from the top. That being said, IContinue reading “The Girl of 100 Hats”