What Happens to a Snark in Winter?

When you see how the snark shivers sad in the cold, It makes you forget all your woe. With his claws clenched in tight and his fur fluffing bold, the snark is a summertime foe. Evr’y feather a-quiver, each toe tucked away, he waits for the warmth to return. He’s no comeback to offer, noContinue reading “What Happens to a Snark in Winter?”

I’ve Got Sunshine: Blues, Beware!

Talk about a 180! Yesterday, the state of North Carolina was sealed in a gray plastic bag like the ones you get at WalMart (too many floating around after Black Friday, perhaps?). Today, the sun is out, the birds are singing, the sky is blue, and I am thrilled to be awake. It’s pretty great.Continue reading “I’ve Got Sunshine: Blues, Beware!”

In a Sunshine Coma

Sunshine comas. They’re a thing now. Trust me. A sunshine coma is akin to the food coma you get after eating thirds at Thanksgiving dinner. After sitting in a coffee shop with exposure to the winter sunshine for fifteen minutes, you want to lie on the carpet in another patch of sunshine and stay thereContinue reading “In a Sunshine Coma”

The Perks of Falling Back

Last night while I was sleeping, the clocks crossed over to the Dark Side and returned to standard time. Ambitious early birds (are you really going to trust someone who thinks worms are a tasty treat?) may be thrilled by the extra hour of light, and to them I say, “Good for you. Savor thatContinue reading “The Perks of Falling Back”