10 Statements in Error

…at an autumn wedding “It was summer yesterday, so it will feel like summer at 9pm tomorrow.” “Taking this dark shortcut to cut off a corner of the highway is a good idea.” “They won’t mind if we use this back entrance.” “I already got my ID back from the hotel clerk.” “I can carryContinue reading “10 Statements in Error”

5 Ways Getting a Graduate Degree Is Like Buying a Car

One of the highlights of December 2014 was making the last of my student loan payments. I felt like the Genie at the end of Aladdin exclaiming, “I’m freeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Now, looking back at my years of student debt, I’ve been struck by the similarities between paying for a graduate degree and buying a car. AndContinue reading “5 Ways Getting a Graduate Degree Is Like Buying a Car”


My first thought on receiving my grad school’s alumni magazine was, “Only Wake students have such acute performance anxiety that they need a diagram to build a snowman.”       I suspect that I might be projecting. There are 32 days until Daylight Savings Time returns.

PSA: A Truth Universally Acknowledged

Contact: Jen, Public Liaison Phone: 704-255-1887 Night line: 828-859-2905 Begin Jan. 1 End April 15 A TRUTH UNIVERSALLY ACKNOWLEDGED It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a graduate applicant in the period of waiting must NOT be in need of extraneous emails from the admissions department of graduate schools to which she has applied. UnlessContinue reading “PSA: A Truth Universally Acknowledged”