Favorite Grad School Snark

As grateful as I am not to be writing final papers this week, I have my fair share of fun and entertaining memories from my stint in graduate school. Here are a few of my favorites, dedicated to the procrastination efforts of the many graduate students lingering sleepless in the nation’s libraries: Grass Two-Con: productivityContinue reading “Favorite Grad School Snark”

The Defense Rap

What do you do when you’re preparing for a master’s thesis defense? I’ll tell you – you write a rap about it. Does it matter that you listen to musicals instead of rap, your voice is better suited to Disney princess songs than to Eminem, and you prefer waltzing to hip-hop? Not a whit. Enjoy.Continue reading “The Defense Rap”

Allow Me to Introduce… (pt.2)

Giving Orlando an introduction would be easier if s/he weren’t so socially awkward. “It can’t be that difficult,” you might be saying. Well, think again. The last time we went to a party together, it went down something like this…* This is my friend Orla– Hi, I’m very interested in heteroglossia and the dialogization ofContinue reading “Allow Me to Introduce… (pt.2)”

Plautus, Germs, and Orlando’s Revenge

Boy, I tell you what. I leave Orlando alone for one day and watch the cycle of revenge fly faster than a frisbee in high winds. I think he might have enlisted the aid of the entire germ community within a 50-mile radius. But enough mangled metaphors and hyperbole. After approximately a week of on-again,Continue reading “Plautus, Germs, and Orlando’s Revenge”