The Magic Resisted

When the muggles are taken from us, all that is left is for the wizards to unite.* Day 31 Very aware of my surroundings. Released a baby mandrake from a water orb. I know how the poor little guy feels. We’re all screaming inside. Fought off a boggart to free Ron. The magic resisted. FoundContinue reading “The Magic Resisted”

Things I like: shameless plugs

I have tremendously talented friends. We’re talking fire-breathing, elephant-herding, shattering glass buildings in a single B talents, here. (Also, they are firmly in support of snark. And no one told me to write this post–I’m too snarky for that. So, you should read about them on your lunch break.) 1. Fire-breathing Bees? Who they are:Continue reading “Things I like: shameless plugs”

Lady Sense and the Art of Shaving

Clipping coupons is dangerous if you are even moderately a feminist. Let me explain. I’ve posted before about my frustrations with advertising to ladies: Men and women communicate differently. Affirmative. Men and women can benefit from seminars targeted to their particular strengths and weaknesses. Affirmative. Funny thing: “Communication Skills for Men” does not exist. JustContinue reading “Lady Sense and the Art of Shaving”

A Little Snark with Your Chocolate?

This, in and of itself, advertised yesterday on the radio, is enough snark to last me for at least another month of winter. Thank you, Vermont Teddy Bears. The description. The description is killing me. You have to read it. Please note the thoughtful disclaimer: “Contains small parts. Not suitable for children.” That–and no otherContinue reading “A Little Snark with Your Chocolate?”

Gabaldon’s Fifty Shades of Red

While movie sequels sustain the box office, so too, book series are at the forefront of the latest crazes: from Harry Potter to The Hunger Games, Twilight to Divergent. Let’s face facts: we like to binge (*cough* House of Cards). I am no exception. Despite reservations, I picked up Diana Gabaldon’s novel Outlander a fewContinue reading “Gabaldon’s Fifty Shades of Red”

Review: Luka and the Fire of Life

Luka and the Fire of Life: a Novel by Salman Rushdie (Random House, 2010) Remember what happened when David Lynch and William Blake went out for tea? Well, now imagine that Salman Rushdie emceed a brunch-time conversation between Neil Gaiman, Norton Juster, Lewis Carroll, and Paulo Coelho. The result would be Rushdie’s Luka and theContinue reading “Review: Luka and the Fire of Life”


My first thought on receiving my grad school’s alumni magazine was, “Only Wake students have such acute performance anxiety that they need a diagram to build a snowman.”       I suspect that I might be projecting. There are 32 days until Daylight Savings Time returns.

The Empty-Bottle Hour of YouTube Parties

Not belonging to the iPhone generation is a real disadvantage sometimes. It’s worse than having a clock that is perpetually 34 minutes slow. (Yeah. I still use clocks to tell time.) By the time I come across an Internet phenomenon, everyone else has already seen it. Who knew that someone other than me found “ThriftContinue reading “The Empty-Bottle Hour of YouTube Parties”

Men in Suits, Scurrying

Today, the world witnessed the election of a new pope, Pope Francis. This may be one of the only times that A) newscasters speak Latin, B) conservatives and liberals alike wait so eagerly for a puff of smoke. I was in the car when the announcement took place, and, history-making aside, I couldn’t help delightingContinue reading “Men in Suits, Scurrying”

Redbox: A Bedtime Story

The last time I watched a movie from Redbox, it vanished mysteriously somewhere between the DVD player and the return item slot. (The Amazing Spider-Man was good, but not $25-lost-item-fee great.) Tormented by guilt over my gross negligence in this affair, I swore that it would never happen again. As a result, my most recentContinue reading “Redbox: A Bedtime Story”