A Word About Coffee Addicts

You know you have it bad as a coffee addict when you run out of the house, late, screaming behind you as you run, “I hate you, Benedict!”, having just renamed your travel mug (formerly “Harvey”), who—yes, “who”—disappeared at a most inconvenient moment.

Fifteen minutes later, when the aforementioned coffee mug rolls out from beneath your front passenger seat, you squeal, giggle, and exclaim, “I love you Benedict!”

Life is tough for a coffee addict (and her identity-confused travel mug).


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One thought on “A Word About Coffee Addicts

  1. Jen, you’re a nut! I just love your posts. I have named my car, but never my coffee mugs. I can’t say that I have one singular favorite, but rather, a favorite for different hot beverages I might consume.

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