The Magic Resisted

When the muggles are taken from us, all that is left is for the wizards to unite.*

Day 31

Very aware of my surroundings.

Released a baby mandrake from a water orb. I know how the poor little guy feels. We’re all screaming inside.

Fought off a boggart to free Ron.

The magic resisted.

Found myself wanting to hug Ron.

Practiced the recanto meteorolojinx spell.

The magic resisted.

Still raining.

Made potions. All day. I’m stocked.

Ran out of dragon’s blood. There are no delivery slots this week.

Spell energy is depleted.

All the Inns are closed.

It’s official. My potions are better than my cooking. Looks like Baruffio’s Brain Elixir for dinner again.

Had to fight a werewolf and an erkling. They weren’t practicing social distancing.

The magic resisted.

Ran out of erumpent horn again.

Returned a troll music box to Romilda Vane in a no-touch delivery.

Practiced aguamenti charm. Wand movement has gotten sloppy.

The magic resisted.

Walked around the house to unlock a portkey.

77 steps to walk through every room.

I’ll save the back deck for tomorrow.


*For those who are not familiar, Wizards Unite is an augmented reality app/game (similar to Pokémon Go) based on the Harry Potter universe. It’s fun. You know, for pandemics.


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