A Tiny, Prickly Anti-Snark

Every now and then, you encounter something too adorable for snark. (Thanks, Dave.) This little guy wins. Today is not a Tuesday, but the tiny things demand to be noticed. Must watch with sound. SOURCE: “Watching This Porcupine Taste This Pumpkin Is Why the World Is Going to Be Okay Today,” from Mother Jones.

An Appetizer of Snark

Yowza. It has been a while, blogging world! The Snark had to batten down the hatches and go into full-on survival mode for this crazy North Carolina winter, that’s what. I’ve been reduced to Tweet-length snark awards for the great rivalry between Ford and Cadillac;   politicians who publish stock video footage in an attemptContinue reading “An Appetizer of Snark”

The Empty-Bottle Hour of YouTube Parties

Not belonging to the iPhone generation is a real disadvantage sometimes. It’s worse than having a clock that is perpetually 34 minutes slow. (Yeah. I still use clocks to tell time.) By the time I come across an Internet phenomenon, everyone else has already seen it. Who knew that someone other than me found “ThriftContinue reading “The Empty-Bottle Hour of YouTube Parties”