I Lied About the Vertigo

Road trips abound in opportunities to contemplate identity.  The right music helps: Antje Duvekot’s “Vertigo”, John Gorka’s “Broken Place,” and Sarah Jarosz’s “Edge of a Dream.” “oh the view from this heighthigh above the ferriswheel lightsmight cause me to swaybut i am teaching myself to be brave” “That beautiful broken place you could not outshineContinue reading “I Lied About the Vertigo”


The Ultimate Alternative Career

As the impatience to hear the outcome of my graduate applications builds, I’m happy to announce that I have discovered the perfect alternative career should my academic aspirations fail to materialize. How, you may ask, did I achieve this gargantuan feat? I began by cataloging my demonstrable skills and passions: Researching obscure and esoteric facts.Continue reading “The Ultimate Alternative Career”

Return of SMIOS

Being January, it seemed about time for a re-post: The Phases of Anticipation; or, How to Avoid Snowman SMIOS. So far, I’m right on schedule. (Please ignore the flagrant typo in the title of the original post.)

Impending Epistles

Two days ago, I did a very strange thing. I started writing a personal statement for my PhD applications. It was incredible how quickly the sense of panic began creeping over my fingers, not unlike the cricket that skittered over my foot later that night. I can’t help wondering if the cricket was a personificationContinue reading “Impending Epistles”

Movin’ Movin’ Movin’

Contrary to popular opinion, moving is just great. It comes with its own set of fabulous side effects. For example… Moving gives you an indefinite pass on tripping-related humor. The impulse to talk aloud to yourself in a British accent while unpacking increases tenfold after midnight. When you begin giving yourself “real person points” forContinue reading “Movin’ Movin’ Movin’”