In Retrospect

Reason #4731 not to re-read the personal statement that you submitted to a school at which you have been rejected: discovering a typo in the final sentence. Good job, self. I could be the first subject for a slightly-misleading-as-to-its-actual-purpose-but-catchy series of video advertisements with the following slogan: …should have gone to the Writing Center… I’mContinue reading “In Retrospect”

If This Keeps Up…

…I will have to re-title my blog: Perennially Penultimate Ponderings (that still didn’t make the final cut) (or even the wait list [who knew they had a wait list once removed?]) (but will have no final closure until April 15th) Womp, womp.

PSA: A Truth Universally Acknowledged

Contact: Jen, Public Liaison Phone: 704-255-1887 Night line: 828-859-2905 Begin Jan. 1 End April 15 A TRUTH UNIVERSALLY ACKNOWLEDGED It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a graduate applicant in the period of waiting must NOT be in need of extraneous emails from the admissions department of graduate schools to which she has applied. UnlessContinue reading “PSA: A Truth Universally Acknowledged”

Waiting Redux

If my life were a film, this scene would be shot in slow motion, with a sudden silence in the soundtrack. ::opens email inbox:: Title: Northwestern University Application Decision Available ::gut drops:: ::pauses:: Oh wait. That’s the one I already received. Sheesh. The waiting continues.

The Ultimate Alternative Career

As the impatience to hear the outcome of my graduate applications builds, I’m happy to announce that I have discovered the perfect alternative career should my academic aspirations fail to materialize. How, you may ask, did I achieve this gargantuan feat? I began by cataloging my demonstrable skills and passions: Researching obscure and esoteric facts.Continue reading “The Ultimate Alternative Career”