Lady Sense and the Art of Shaving

Clipping coupons is dangerous if you are even moderately a feminist. Let me explain.

I’ve posted before about my frustrations with advertising to ladies:

Communication Skills

Men and women communicate differently.


Men and women can benefit from seminars targeted to their particular strengths and weaknesses.


Funny thing: “Communication Skills for Men” does not exist. Just sayin’.

Back to the coupons. Let’s begin with a few basic premises:

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 10.19.24 AMMen and women shave their bodies differently.


Men and women can benefit from razors targeted to their particular shaving needs.


Now, for the love of all that is holy, can someone please explain to me why the selling points for men are “comfort, closeness, and control,” while having a “scented handle” is the selling point for women???

“Well, I was going to use this other razor that gave me a clean shave and didn’t nick my ankle bone, but, you know, when I’m done shaving, my hand just smells like soap. *hopeless gesture*  How will I ever feel like a lady?”

“Who would settle for shorter prep time? Shaving my legs used to take 15 minutes, but now I’m not satisfied unless I pause between every stroke to sniff my tropically scented razor handle. 30 minutes or nothing, baby.”

“I nicked my knee five times, but I don’t even care because my razor smells so good.”

Said no one ever.

This is why Ellen remains my hero: Bic Pens for Women


I think it’s time for me to give up my coupon clipping and do something a little less controversy-riddled for a while. Like watching the news.


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2 thoughts on “Lady Sense and the Art of Shaving

  1. I never shop in the women’s razor section anymore. Not only do I specifically *not* want a nasty tropical-smelling razor, I also want one that stays sharp for more than one leg…maybe both, if I pay a lot.

    I guess we’re supposed to want to feel like goddesses with our tropical razors with the pretty handles that make our legs nice and smooth, and I understand that part of the marketing, but the dismal results I get do not deliver on their promises.

  2. I was wondering when I’d see your next blog! This is great. There was a fantastic story last week on HLN the bias in pricing on the same products for men and women. Grr!

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