My Dumbphone Speaks Latin

…what can your smartphone do? Recently, my aging phone has begun to talk back. In Latin. In complicated Latin. Any time I attempt to use the coordinating conjunction “but”, my phone decides that it would prefer to use “ut”. And, as every classically educated scholar knows, “ut” is one of the more complicated Latin termsContinue reading “My Dumbphone Speaks Latin”

The Empty-Bottle Hour of YouTube Parties

Not belonging to the iPhone generation is a real disadvantage sometimes. It’s worse than having a clock that is perpetually 34 minutes slow. (Yeah. I still use clocks to tell time.) By the time I come across an Internet phenomenon, everyone else has already seen it. Who knew that someone other than me found “ThriftContinue reading “The Empty-Bottle Hour of YouTube Parties”

Amazon Is Not a Snark

Clearly, Amazon does not understand sarcasm. If they did, they would know that I had visited a certain item page solely to read the snarky reviews, and they would not have sent me this list of email recommendations to start off my morning: Thank you, Amazon and BIC. As you well know, and as theContinue reading “Amazon Is Not a Snark”

A Battle of Wits: NAV 101

“Truman. Truman, that’s our turnoff.” “I changed my mind. What’s New Orleans like this time of year? Mardi Gras, woooooo! Ha ha ha ha ha! Hoo hoo hoo! Whoooohoo! Look, Meryl! Same road, no cars. It’s magic! Hahaha!” –The Truman Show I swear, driving with a GPS brings out the worst in me. When thereContinue reading “A Battle of Wits: NAV 101”

45 Minutes of Airtime Later

Point 1: Don’t tell Viki, but she is being replaced. Point 2: “Free”, my foot. Point 3: Mumbled Customer Service lines designed to inspire confidence: “If this screen would just quit wobbling around…“ “Where’s the continue button? There it is. Finally.“ “You’ll just hear some brief silence…” “And that will be…let’s see…two and forty-nine…“ “IContinue reading “45 Minutes of Airtime Later”