10 Statements in Error

…at an autumn wedding “It was summer yesterday, so it will feel like summer at 9pm tomorrow.” “Taking this dark shortcut to cut off a corner of the highway is a good idea.” “They won’t mind if we use this back entrance.” “I already got my ID back from the hotel clerk.” “I can carryContinue reading “10 Statements in Error”

29 Things a Birthday Does Not Automatically Convey

The ability to step over power cords with an injured leg without tripping Growing out of eating frozen vegetables as a snack The ability to function without coffee Fame Fortune A love of doing dishes Wisdom The ability to put on toenail polish neatly Magical skills on a guitar that you haven’t practiced in weeksContinue reading “29 Things a Birthday Does Not Automatically Convey”

5 Ways Getting a Graduate Degree Is Like Buying a Car

One of the highlights of December 2014 was making the last of my student loan payments. I felt like the Genie at the end of Aladdin exclaiming, “I’m freeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Now, looking back at my years of student debt, I’ve been struck by the similarities between paying for a graduate degree and buying a car. AndContinue reading “5 Ways Getting a Graduate Degree Is Like Buying a Car”

Conversation Tips for the South

Dear southern friends, I, like you, enjoy the crisp white transformation of the world that takes place when atmospheric water vapor crystallizes into a thousand unique flakes. I, like you, have heard that there is a high likelihood of snow on Wednesday. I, like you, find this a rare occurrence in good ‘ol southern NorthContinue reading “Conversation Tips for the South”

Favorite Grad School Snark

As grateful as I am not to be writing final papers this week, I have my fair share of fun and entertaining memories from my stint in graduate school. Here are a few of my favorites, dedicated to the procrastination efforts of the many graduate students lingering sleepless in the nation’s libraries: Grass Two-Con: productivityContinue reading “Favorite Grad School Snark”

10 Signs of Celebratory Success

10. A pine needle trail that would make Hansel and Gretel proud. 9. A bin of empty bottles bearing the words “holiday” or “seasonal.” 8. Glitter, glitter everywhere. Everywhere. 7. A homemade wreath ten pounds heavier for all the wire holding it together. 6. A miniature Santa sharing mantel space with a jar of PixyContinue reading “10 Signs of Celebratory Success”