5 Ways Getting a Graduate Degree Is Like Buying a Car

One of the highlights of December 2014 was making the last of my student loan payments. I felt like the Genie at the end of Aladdin exclaiming, “I’m freeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Now, looking back at my years of student debt, I’ve been struck by the similarities between paying for a graduate degree and buying a car.

And no, I’m not talking about the monetary costs. Please. That Seattle Slew was slain a long time ago. No, the the five ways a graduate degree is like a new car are:

  1. No matter how much they try to regulate the system, exhaust happens.
  2. You will live and die by your brakes [sic].
  3. Your blind spots are always bigger than you think.
  4. Breakdowns are inevitable and often occur during the holidays.
  5. No first-time buyer really knows what’s under the hood.

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