Amazon Is Not a Snark

Clearly, Amazon does not understand sarcasm. If they did, they would know that I had visited a certain item page solely to read the snarky reviews, and they would not have sent me this list of email recommendations to start off my morning:

Thank you, Amazon and BIC. As you well know, and as the Internet community has discussed at length, my fragile lady hands would be destroyed by the bright, biting colors of non-pastel pens. They would be taxed beyond their capacity by the girth of a man’s pen. [Go on. Make the joke. I dare you.] They would shrivel with a sense of intellectual inferiority if you spelled “crystal” correctly. You are eternally wise and accommodating.

Or, perhaps, Amazon does in fact understand sarcasm. Perhaps they are far more devious than I have in the past thought them capable of being.

If so: well played, Amazon. Well played.


To see why I originally viewed the item, check out this video from Ellen.


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