The Defense Rap

What do you do when you’re preparing for a master’s thesis defense? I’ll tell you – you write a rap about it. Does it matter that you listen to musicals instead of rap, your voice is better suited to Disney princess songs than to Eminem, and you prefer waltzing to hip-hop? Not a whit. Enjoy.Continue reading “The Defense Rap”

Considering a New Topic

Orlando – this is what will become of you if you do not begin to cooperate. Consider yourself warned. Tonight. It’s all going down tonight. I said that yesterday. And the yesterday before that. Well… This time I really mean it. The power of jellybeans will accomplish this.

Oh, Hobbes

“I say not this, as disapproving the use of Universities: but because I am to speak hereafter of their office in a Common-wealth, I must let you see on all occasions by the way, what things would be amended in them; amongst which the frequency of insignificant Speech is one” (Leviathan, A2v).