Allow Me to Introduce… (pt.2)

Giving Orlando an introduction would be easier if s/he weren’t so socially awkward. “It can’t be that difficult,” you might be saying. Well, think again. The last time we went to a party together, it went down something like this…* This is my friend Orla– Hi, I’m very interested in heteroglossia and the dialogization ofContinue reading “Allow Me to Introduce… (pt.2)”


Orlando and I Reconcile Over Procrastination

Otherwise known as… A Quasi Logic-Based Attempt to Regain Nominal Appreciation for Orlando, the Thesis That Would Neither Vanish Nor Transmogrify into Something Slightly More Fantastic Than a Million Dollars, Through Misguided Appropriation of Flawed Logic, Outmoded Analogies, Barely Applicable Similes, and Wholly Metaphysical Conceits. But that wouldn’t fit in the title box. So. AttemptContinue reading “Orlando and I Reconcile Over Procrastination”

Chapter 2

Orlando’s still growing! Chapter 2 (currently 30 pages) is now en route to its first checkup. I have to stop taking these 3-day recuperation breaks after each chapter though. Rapidly running out of time, unfortunately. Oh, for April 20!

Plautus, Germs, and Orlando’s Revenge

Boy, I tell you what. I leave Orlando alone for one day and watch the cycle of revenge fly faster than a frisbee in high winds. I think he might have enlisted the aid of the entire germ community within a 50-mile radius. But enough mangled metaphors and hyperbole. After approximately a week of on-again,Continue reading “Plautus, Germs, and Orlando’s Revenge”

Orlando the Mime

Orlando grew rapidly this past week, although some post-growth shrinkage is expected. Currently standing at 50 pages, she’s become quite a talker. The only problem is that right now she’s mainly mimicking what other people say, rather than speaking for herself. Anyway, originality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’m hoping she’ll have aContinue reading “Orlando the Mime”

How do I feel about thee, thesis mine?

In honor of Flying Fork Day, I’ve written an English sonnet* for the (____) of my life, Orlando. Enjoy. Or not. And so forth. —- How Do I Feel About Thee, Thesis Mine? How do I feel about thee, thesis mine?(To speak my truest feelings were not meet.)Oh let me see that Times New RomanContinue reading “How do I feel about thee, thesis mine?”