Orlando the Mime

Orlando grew rapidly this past week, although some post-growth shrinkage is expected.

Currently standing at 50 pages, she’s become quite a talker. The only problem is that right now she’s mainly mimicking what other people say, rather than speaking for herself. Anyway, originality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’m hoping she’ll have a career in parody. Or ghost writing. Or miming. She’s in a dumb shows kick right now anyway…

(Yes, her gender fluctuates pretty frequently.)

Every now and then, I can coax her to spend a day with her friends Faustus, Modo, and Dana while I take some time to myself; unfortunately, she’s usually furious with me the whole next day as a result.

She (all 32-page chapter one of her) is off to the pediatrician again this weekend, and I’m pretending she doesn’t really have to grow up. Not right away. Not for a long time. Right?


Just keep telling yourself that.


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