Growing Things

Today I…

Finished a draft of chapter three! It’s kind of a beast and will require substantial editing, but it feels amazing to send it in for review and let it rest for a day or so.

Sometimes a change of scenery is all it takes. Working in a different location really helps me write. Today that meant sitting in an empty room with lots of windows to let in the sunshine, mellow music on my Pandora station (Zoe Keating, David Nevue, Eidolon, and Brian Crain, among others), and six baby cacti sitting on the edge of the desk.

I started them from seed, and I’ve had them for over two years now. The tallest one is about 8-9 inches tall, and none of them are very attractive. Every winter I’m sure they’re going to die, and every summer I forget to water them for at least a two-week period. But they’re still alive and still growing. Somehow, that’s encouraging.

Add a little peach tea and some peppermints, and there’s no telling what I can accomplish!


My strategy might not work at all next time, but when it does work, I’ll take it. And that’s enough for now. When I say, “It’s the little things,” I really do mean it.

(Now on to the introduction.)

Thesis Defense: T-27 days and counting.

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