Small Towns, Quiet Thursdays

I spent the morning doing final proofreading of my thesis in preparation for submitting it to the library. Given my current level of over-saturation with the contents of said thesis, I wasn’t looking forward to it.

However, just a fifteen minute drive away, the entire process was salvaged by the beauty of a certain small town, where…

  • You can mark time by the older man jogging laps around the town square while rapping along with his iPod.
  • There are park benches shaded by crape myrtle trees in the perfect blend of sun and shade.
  • There’s a handy brick wall for foot propping.
  • Coffee shops have porches and rocking chairs.
  • It’s quiet enough to hear the birds.
  • On the crosswalk, you’re in as much danger from passing bicycles as from cars.
  • Said coffee shop is a short walk from said square/park.
  • There are noon bells!
  • Even proofing my thesis was somehow peaceful (or soporific, take your pick…)

C’est si bon.


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