Orlando’s Last Prank

Yesterday, a friend came over to help with the packing as I get ready to move. My bound thesis was sitting on my desk, so she picked up a copy to glance at it. When I looked over her shoulder, something funny had come over Orlando.

First I saw this:

Yep, *cringe* it’s Orlando.

Then this:

Wait, what?

Then this:

Title: The Thesis Jen Wishes She Had Written.

Although Orlando may have shrunk 23 pages in length, my illustrious thesis now has a section called: “Wandering Monster Tables.” Brilliant!

If only I had gotten this copy before my defense. This could completely revolutionize the teaching of Shakespeare.

All the same, I can’t help wondering if someone, somewhere, is now desperately trying to find the Foucauldian Heterotopia on level 5 of Labyrinth Lord, all the while wondering why the character “Pericles” has yet to show up…

Well played, Orlando. Well played.


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  1. The company prints books as well as theses, but still… :-PI'm torn, because I'd like to keep the misprint, but would probably have to send it back to get a free reprint.

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