The Snark is back!

(As I have written before, the summertime Snark retracts its claws, curls up on a sunny beach, and purrs for the bulk of July and August. September has just enough bite in the air to stir the Snark back to an active and crotchety state.)

A new word has been added to The Dictionary of Snark (©2013).

Indeskribable (adj.) – the feeling of uncontrollably bubbling laughter that comes from a combination of personal accomplishment and sugar-and-caffeine overload.

In– (L. not, within) + discus (L. disc, flat surface) + ribb (the tickling of the ribs to produce laughter) or ribose (G. a pentose sugar important as a component of ribonucleic acid) + –abilis (L. capable of, worthy of).

I built a desk this weekend. Granted, the pieces came in a kit and were labelled with letters to match a detailed assembly guide, but I still feel accomplished for having successfully put it together in the correct order and with no major catastrophes other than dropping the whole thing on my toe, once, and on my head, once.

IMG_5237Oh, and I may have unintentionally trapped myself in the room by rearranging all of the furniture and blocking the door—after consuming four cups of coffee. Bad idea.

Oh, and I built the desk inside the room where it is now housed, and I may have to un-build it to get it out.

I’ll worry about that tomorrow.

IMG_5240In the meantime, I am enjoying the opportunity to look up words in a dictionary that fits beside me on the desk. I can answer e-mail, research Renaissance art, read Shakespeare, pay bills (ugh), and drink coffee all at the same time!

Can you tell that I work from home?

Office space is magical.


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