Impending Epistles

Two days ago, I did a very strange thing. I started writing a personal statement for my PhD applications. It was incredible how quickly the sense of panic began creeping over my fingers, not unlike the cricket that skittered over my foot later that night. I can’t help wondering if the cricket was a personificationContinue reading “Impending Epistles”

Hooding Pictures

I look like I’m in a lot of pain. So does the professor placing the hood on my neck. It’s rather amusing, actually. But no, thank you; I will not be spending $125 on these photos.

The Big Day

Today is the hooding ceremony for my MA in English Literature. Everything suddenly feels so intense and final. And exciting. 🙂 We did it, Class of 2011!

The Defense Rap

What do you do when you’re preparing for a master’s thesis defense? I’ll tell you – you write a rap about it. Does it matter that you listen to musicals instead of rap, your voice is better suited to Disney princess songs than to Eminem, and you prefer waltzing to hip-hop? Not a whit. Enjoy.Continue reading “The Defense Rap”