Scariest of All Pumpkins

This year, I decided to step up my game, so I carved the scariest Halloween pumpkin of all time. … … … The worst part is, They don’t even know… The horror! #EnglishMajor  

A Bar for All Types

Do you know what this town needs? I do, thanks to the good souls responsible for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. I was driving home from a coffee shop today, musing about an empty building on Fourth Street, when it hit me. What this town needs is a bar that caters to the needs of bothContinue reading “A Bar for All Types”


Success! Vacation!

The Snark is back! Friends, I did not realize how difficult it can be to take a vacation until I had the glorious opportunity, recently, to take a week-long beach trip with some of my closest friends. I spent the week hobnobbing with Hogarth, a seagull with an extraordinary homing device for sour cream andContinue reading “Success! Vacation!”

Spinach in the Teeth of Life

I wish I could have been around for the meeting when some aspiring superstore organizer decided that the matches should be shelved not with the kitchen supplies, not with the camping gear, not with the candles, not with the butane lighters or the grilling tools, but next to the toothpicks. “Hey, you know what? BothContinue reading “Spinach in the Teeth of Life”