Because there are already too many to hate

April 15th. It’s a big day. The post office will be jammed with last-minute tax filers; tax preparers’ hands will be cramping from signing so many papers; Walmart’s quarterly income will skyrocket from purchases of TurboTax; and the federal government will get ready to–oh wait, they already did. If you’re applying to college or graduateContinue reading “Because there are already too many to hate”

Squashed and squeamish fingers

(The alliteration in “squashed” and “squeamish” was too good to pass up.) Sometimes childhood is scarring: a burn here, a zig-zag white line from a sneaky piece of barbed wire, a smallish knot from a poorly-placed steel trapeze on a playground; I’m sure you can commiserate.  Lately, I’m realizing that I have been deeply andContinue reading “Squashed and squeamish fingers”

Hello, "Yet."

I love words. Most words. Not all words. In fact, there are some words that really stick in my teeth like corn on the cob and just don’t want to come out. Like “yet.” I’m a perfectionist. I’m okay with that. In fact, a lot of times, I really have respect for my perfectionism. (SeeContinue reading “Hello, "Yet."”