Anthem for Doomed Indecisivists

Heading to Boston tomorrow to visit Emerson College (visit my sis!!!!) and start making my final decision about grad school. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about the trip, especially the sister part. But when I get back, I have to make up my mind, knowing “I could get stuck for good!” So in a way, it’s the beginning of the end. 

And because there’s a song for everything (note usage above – 10 points for naming the song), I proudly present the Anthem For Doomed Indecisivists*: 

The plane will take off tomorrow,
[I] bet my final dollar that tomorrow
I’d go north
Just thinkin’ about tomorrow
Chases ‘way the [gray] matter and the marrow
Of my bones
When you’re stuck with two picks
Too quick
To wrestle through
I just lift up my hands
And stand
And say:
The plane will take off tomorrow
I surrender sanity tomorrow
On the way
Just thinkin’ about tomorrow
Changes all perspective I could borrow
From today
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I dread you! Tomorrow! 
You’re only [fourteen hours and twenty-one minutes] away!
*Another 10 points for naming the not-so-subtle literary allusion in this title.

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One thought on “Anthem for Doomed Indecisivists

  1. i like this song better. :)Did you ever have to make up your mind?Say “yes” to one and leave the other behind?It’s not often easy…and not often kind.Did you ever have to make up your mind?Sometimes you really dig a school the moment you vis’t herAnd then you get distracted by the school near your sisterThen you look at the calendar to set you in lineAnd say, “better go home, girl, and make up your mind.”Then you bet you’d better finally decide.Pick up on one and let the other one ride.There are so many changes and tears you must hide.Did you ever have to finally decide?

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