And the Countdown Begins…

I’m back from Boston – GREAT visit, but didn’t make my decision any easier. 

T minus 12 days. Let the countdown begin…
  • Sat., April 4 – Create a list of things to consider before making decision.
  • Sun., April 5 – Create lengthy pro/con lists. Keep adding points to balance them out. Running out of paper. Guiness book of world records for longest pro/con list, anyone?
  • Mon., April 6 – Try to focus on work and forget decision must be made. Posting a poll on Facebook during lunch break. 
  • Tues., April 7 – Who makes decisions based on Facebook polls? Blogger would be much more reliable.
  • Wed., April 8 – Begin throwing darts at a map of the U.S. Desist after hitting the cat.
  • Thurs., April 9 – Critique the websites of each school. Visualize my face in the pictures.
  • Fri., April 10 – Picture my life 30 years from now and channel Robert Frost’s poetry.
  • Sat., April 11 – Drat. So much for deciding before the last minute. Now comparing sports team records from each school over the last 20 years.
  • Sun., April 12 – This is it. Just do it. Hey, I wonder if I could work for Nike instead?
  • Mon., April 13 – Back to the pro/con lists. Realizing hatred of imbalance sort of defeats the purpose.
  • Tues., April 14 – Coin flip time.
  • Wed., April 15 – That coin was weighted?????  WHO’S BEEN TAMPERING WITH MY FUTURE??!!
In all seriousness, my first instinct is to plan and create checklists and pro-con lists and seek advice and take polls and, in a word, act. In another word, control. 
But what I’m learning, with the help of some very wise and honest friends, is that maybe part of this process is learning to let go. To seek God and His will, rather than seeking my rationality and my desires and then doubting both. 
I’ll be honest, I don’t know what that looks like. It is involved, but not independently active. Waiting is not my strong suit. But I will be trying to figure it out between now and April 15th. So here’s to the countdown!

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