Grape Yolks for the Young at Heart

After a fun but hectic Saturday working at the Yadkin Valley Wine Festival with RayLen Vineyards & Winery, I was eager to read the write-up in the Elkin Tribune. Reading local news coverage about my interests produces a very basic pleasure. But, then, this happened: “A popular wine yolk glass holder adorned the neck ofContinue reading “Grape Yolks for the Young at Heart”

Wine Not?

Over the weekend, I headed outside the city to attend Raffaldini Vineyards’ Assemblaggio! Grande Riserva Trials. Wine blending? Why not? For two hours, our group enjoyed the good company, savory wines, beautiful scenery, and lots of the laughter that accompanies untrained, amateur wine blending. As part of the trial, each group had to invent aContinue reading “Wine Not?”