Grape Yolks for the Young at Heart

After a fun but hectic Saturday working at the Yadkin Valley Wine Festival with RayLen Vineyards & Winery, I was eager to read the write-up in the Elkin Tribune. Reading local news coverage about my interests produces a very basic pleasure.

But, then, this happened:

“A popular wine yolk glass holder adorned the neck of veteran wine festival goers and beginners alike as they made their rounds with diligence to fit in the possibility of tasting a total of 29 Yadkin Valley wineries during the wine festival adventure. Seasoned veteran festival goers called the yolks convenient and make for a safe day of intense wine tasting.”




Let me clarify one simple fact. Wine does not have yolks. Wine glasses do not have yolks. They may have yokes (e.g., WineYoke). Eggs have yolks (e.g., egg yolk). Capisce?

Unless—and perhaps it is just that brilliant—they have harnessed all the health benefits of the egg yolk and married them to the fibrous regulatory power of the Grape Nut (comme this Grape-Nuts Meatloaf). Talk about synergy!

Hey: anything can happen at a wine festival.

Intent: 200%

Execution: There’s always next year…


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  1. I always enjoy those write-ups. If folks only knew what it was like behind the scenes..

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