Goals for Fall 2013

Welcome to the world, Fall 2013! I’ve been planning for your arrival, and I’ve got a full to-do list lined up next to your name.

1. Fall down less frequently.

Just because the leaves are doing it, doesn’t mean that I have to. In fact, I should probably let them have their moment of glory all by their lonesomes. It’s only fair.

Speaking of fair…

2. Feast on fair food.

Forget the lessons of the past 20 years. This is the year: my stomach will not hate me for the funnel cake, the giant turkey leg, or the deep-fried Oreos. I can feel it.

3. Finally finish the unread books pile.

I’m behind my game this year. I have read only 14 books so far in 2013. My typical year includes 40-60 new books. It’s time to step it up. (Can anyone recommend some good picture books? Do checkbooks count?)

4. Free my poetic genius.

The last poem I wrote was…umm…hang on…let me get back to you.

Yeah. It’s time.

I could go on, but I think that’s enough for starters. Long to-do lists are overwhelming. I have full confidence that this fall will be free of fealty to failure.

Who’s with me?

Bring it on, fall.


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