Sonnet #2016, for North Carolina

Sonnet #2016 If Shakespeare saw beyond the mask of death Sir Walter’s face stamped on this legal tryst, I think he’d turn to Richard, to Macbeth, to see what strain of tyranny he’d missed. He could not understand the roots of power so well as all the teachers have portrayed yet be so speechless onContinue reading “Sonnet #2016, for North Carolina”

Tiny Tuesdays: Clocks

Day-to-day life is full of stresses. I recently shared with you my secret method of dealing with them: tiny things. That’s why I started the blog series, “Tiny Thing Tuesdays.” Every Tuesday, I have been sharing my latest and minute-but-greatest finds in the field of tiny things, adorable and absurd. This week, in honor ofContinue reading “Tiny Tuesdays: Clocks”