Why Me? Interview #1

Next Wednesday and Thursday, I have my first official grad school visit and interview, at Mary Baldwin College in Virginia, for the Masters of Letters in Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature in Performance. That’s a mouthful.  Step one of interview prep: remember the program name. I’ve done interviews before, and I’m not bad at them, butContinue reading “Why Me? Interview #1”

T-minus How Should I Know?

It’s January. Happy New Year. Month of writing-the-wrong-year-on-checks-and-other-dated-items-like-tax-forms-but-we-don’t-think-about-those. Etc.  AND…I can no longer pretend that the applications I mailed in November have no impact on my future plans. Drat. I should start hearing back from graduate schools somewhere between the end of January and the middle of April, if last year is any indication. So,Continue reading “T-minus How Should I Know?”

Crashing Parties, Crushing Pedestals

I love random and awkward life lessons. One of my friends, who shares my love of dancing, recently heard about a dance that was much closer to home than weekend dances tend to be. When she arrived, she was surprised to find that the boy at the door was not charging an admission fee.  OnceContinue reading “Crashing Parties, Crushing Pedestals”

Black Friday: an Ethnography

I’m generally a shy person. I need a break after extensive large group time. But inexplicably, I really like going shopping on Black Friday and Christmas Eve. I am not the 6 a.m. doorbusters type of girl; instead, I enjoy rambling around the mall in the afternoon, silently smirking at the exploits of my moreContinue reading “Black Friday: an Ethnography”