Would you like a "Sno-Cone"?

So, if you ever thought God didn’t care about the little things…like your personal nutrition…think again.  I was making eggs for lunch yesterday, and after beating them, I was about to sprinkle a little salt on top. 

Apparently, either as a warning about the dangers of sodium intake or a hint that I’m not eating enough of it, my choice was deemed incorrect in quantity or quality by the kitchen gods, otherwise known as the sea salt container assembly machines.
Instead of a few choice grains of coarse salt, the little plastic lid fell out, and the ENTIRE bottle (2 inch diameter, 6 inch tall) fell with a muffled splash (more like a “ploosh”) into my eggs. 
The resulting concoction looked somewhat akin to a particularly gelatinous banana-coconut sno-cone. I was severely tempted to offer it to a greedy child in the mall, but my better half got the better of me, and I refrained, lest I further anger the kitchen gods.
Such is life.
*Note: while somewhat irreverent, allusions to God’s role in daily nutrition are not meant to be offensive or to be taken seriously… 🙂

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