Two-lane Roads Diverged

Driving through Virginia this week, I’m pretty sure I discovered why so many rural Americans voted for President Trump: it’s because they have had to follow two slow-as vehicles on a two-lane road.

One you can handle. Two just make you long for anarchy. Everything feels stagnant, and any kind of change would be welcome.

In that realization, an entire language unraveled before my eyes.

  • “Political correctness” really means the second car out in front, but for whom you would be able to pass the dually with a good burst of speed.
  • “Snowflakes” are really the flimsy tires on your mid-sized sedan, which would pop if you tried to off-road.
  • “The right-wing news media” is the tricksy curve in the road that makes it impossible to pass safely.
  • “Illegal immigration” is the way the wide hubs of a dually truck overlap the left lane and keep you from seeing when it’s safe to pass.

It all makes sense now.

When I hit the highway again, I realized that passing lanes can give you a whole new hope for America.


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