I’m done! Linus celebrates by…

Well, I survived year one of graduate school. Halfway to the masters! Woohoo!!!

Now on to a summer full of research, reading, working, sunbathing, traveling, dancing, and…dead computers. Huh. I don’t remember that on the “I can’t wait until I can–” list.

The laptop I was given by the graduate school (Linus) has always had a strange fondness for power outlets. I get that. Not everyone feels confident trusting a battery for life and automatic updates. It’s okay, Linus, really. There is no judgment here.

But this week, the handy-dandy AC adapter given to me by the graduate school has also gone kafritz. And by that I mean dead. Linus lasted about 6 minutes (his average), and then went into power cord withdrawal and promptly shut down.

*cue ominous music*
*cue epic battle footage*
*cue Darth Vader breathing*
*cue Ian McKellen voice-over*

“…the battle for Helm’s Deep is over. the battle for Middle Earth…”

Okay, so maybe that was more epic than I intended. Point is, the I.T. center can’t give me a new one; I would have to buy it for a substantial amount of money. Point is, the graduate school says they won’t replace it because it counts as an extraneous part. Point is, I’m not buying either the new adapter or that explanation.

You give me a computer to use for two years – it’s already two years old, and the battery is shot. You won’t replace the battery, fine, but without an adapter OR a battery, it’s useless. If I’m paying to go to your graduate school, and one of the perks is a free computer, then the logical assumption is that–sans abuse or mistreatment or extreme circumstances–said computer should be usable for two years. Seems pretty straightforward to me.


Fight face on.

This is a matter of principle.

…to be continued…

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2 thoughts on “I’m done! Linus celebrates by…

  1. Congratulations on making it to summer!If you want, you can have/use/borrow my power adapter because I'm certainly not using it? Those Thinkpads are really awful and I.T. doesn't seem like they're the most helpful people in the world either. I recommend upgrading your computer situation as soon as possible, potentially to a MacBook of some kind.

  2. thanks so much! the grad school worked it out this time, but if I have another one die on me, I might take you up on it.as soon as mac has a free giveaway, I'm on it. 🙂

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