Today’s Recipe

Recipe for today’s goal:

William Shakespeare’s Macbeth
Bill Cain’s Equivocation
Pandora’s Broadway musicals
Very quiet campus

Bake for 11 hours

Makes (I hope!)
1 topic
1 thesis
8 or more pages of writing

Outcome to be determined. Not a family favorite at this point…


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4 thoughts on “Today’s Recipe

  1. yuck. however, given that I still have a whomping 0 pages written after 5+ hours, I might need to modify the recipe anyway. yikes. double yikes. double double toil and trouble yikes.

  2. Like my little league coach used to tell me, "be the witch"… or was it "pretend my face is on the baseball and hit it as hard as you can with the bat"? You CAN do it!!!

  3. Frankly, I think at this point I might have better luck trying to hit a home run against a MLB pitcher.

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