McDonalds March

I think (?) every graduate student has a “McDonalds month” now and then. March was mine. (Substitute your favorite stress-antidote, if you like.)

In a very sneaky, very perceptive advertising strategy, our favorite golden arches sent out a book of really good coupons in January … starting off with a no-strings-attached free frappe and going downhill into French fry land.

Before you know it, that side trip on the way home or “no time for dinner” run gets easier and easier.

In the midst of midterms, papers, and presentations, and faced with the impossibility of stretching time, my defenses were down.

Oh, McDonalds. Oh, comfort food. Oh, stress.

But that month is over. Your coupons have expired, Ronald; your time is up.

Chocolate, anyone?


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One thought on “McDonalds March

  1. ooh i got those coupons too..i was so excited over the frappes. Funny story, McD act got mad at me..I was like can I have a mocha frappachino..they were like its frappe not frappachino. I was like whatever just give it to me asap! 🙂

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