It’s Raining Pollen

Welcome weird spring/summer weather. Please stop raining pollen on everything. I need to be able to see to write papers, and Kleenex is pricey stuff.

The drug companies that make allergy medicines can’t be paying you that big of a bribe, can they? I’m sure I could match them if I took up a collection. (…beyond the obvious problem that letters addressed to the weather probably end up in Santa’s mailbag and merely give the postal workers a good laugh.)

If you keep this up, I will have to become smarter, as in remembering to roll up my car windows overnight to keep the pollen limited to the outside of the car.

That is all.


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One thought on “It’s Raining Pollen

  1. The best part about the sporadic yet heavy spring and summer rainstorms = free car wash. No more pollen on my car!

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