That’s Fluorescent

Today marks the end of my first (full) week of graduate school. It’s a momentous occasion. I celebrated by catching the toe of my shoe on a larger-than-average gap in the sidewalk and doing a very un-graceful “caught myself before nose-planting in the concrete” move. I knew there was a reason I didn’t wear shoes on a regular basis. Even flats are not conducive to health.

Sickness is on everyone’s mind these days, as Wake Forest is currently experiencing an outbreak of H1N1 “swine” flu. The Incubator is everyone’s friend. Especially viruses.
I hope the pigs’ PR people are on the ball.
Me, I think it might be a collaborative conspiracy by part of tea growers, honey harvesters, and lemon juice extractors (and a few stubborn moonshiners, more than likely).
So…having passed through the initial flames of erudition, has my cerebral capacity expanded in noticeable ways?
I have, however, come across a number of enlightening moments, which I would love to share with you. With no further ado…
When the Light Hits Your Eye Like a Big Coffee Pie, That’s Fluorescent
  • I have a one-comment brilliance moderate intelligence quota for class discussions. The probability of meeting the quota decreases exponentially between the hours of two and four p.m.
  • I kind of liked being a big fish.
  • I occasionally experience an inexplicable craving for math. Something solid. Concrete. Two plus two sounds good. Differential equations would be okay too.
  • Facebook is still an amazing tool of procrastination. So is blogging.
  • Whoever established the twenty-four hour day was not a working graduate student.
  • On the question “to socialize or not to socialize,” it’s don’t ask, don’t tell (your sleep deprivation sensors).
  • I remember when I used to like the word “irony.”
  • Coffee.
  • Tea.
  • Chocolate.
To be continued…

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