Let Me Give You One of My Cards

Tonight, I’m listening to Jimmy Stewart’s special narrative introduction to the movie Harvey. I’m getting ready to watch the movie, starring Stewart and Josephine Hull. He just used the phrase “squirmin’ in their seats.” I knew I loved this man.

It’s also the perfect background noise for revising my statement of purpose and CV.

JG: “The excerpt I have provided as a writing sample…”
JS: “Now that it’s on video and people can have it in their homes…I think that’s a wonderful sort of present for the young people of the country.”

Gah. Yes, that was a giggle. Be quiet.

JG: “I was drawn to the doctoral program at…”
JS: “Now let me give you one of my cards…”

As I said: perfect.

JG: My chapter on Heywood–
: “You promised you wouldn’t say that name and you said it.”

JG: The authority of the narrator is simultaneously–
JH: “Myrtle, don’t be didactic. It’s not becoming in a young lady.”

It just keeps getting better.

JG: Agh! Why would any PhD program accept me?
JH: “…you’re sweet and you have so much to offer.”

And better.

P.S. Josephine Hull (comme Veta Louise) would have made the perfect Dolores Umbridge.


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