The Rest is Silence

One of the pitfalls of working from home is the challenge of resting. I’m not talking about unexpected fall-asleep-at-the-table-and-drool-on-your-laptop resting (not that I’ve ever done that) — I’m talking about intentional, waking rest.

Although I did cheat and do some work this morning, I spent an entire afternoon resting. I read a book (Her Fearful Symmetry), wandered around the house, browsed a used book store with friends, played Frisbee, and then ate frozen yogurt and read some more. It has been delightful.

It’s also been really tempting to take just a few minutes to knock out some editing or plan tomorrow’s schedule. So far, I’m holding out.

Having a job that permits me to work from multiple locations and to set my own schedule is an enormous blessing. The challenge is to turn off the blinking screen, close the computer (or at least the document), and take time to rest in the silence.


What a novel concept.

I think I like it.


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