Open Letter from a Escalatorphobic

Dear WAY TOO YOUNG TO BE THAT GOOD suit-clad piano player in the department store,

Your playing is beautiful. Make no mistake. But like 99% of your mall-walking listening audience, I did not expect live music while I wandered through the makeup department. I did not approach the women’s accessory department mentally or emotionally prepared for your rendition of “On My Own” from Les Miserables.
That song should come with its own set of user advisories: Do not listen to this recording if you are A) a romantic, B) single, or C) likely to become single. Most importantly, do not listen to this song if you are any of the above and in the process of stepping onto an escalator.

We timing impaired down-escalatorphobics may be few and far between, but there’s no need for you to shake our equilibrium right before we step onto a relentless mechanical cliff-walking instrument of doom.
That’s all.
But the last arpeggio — beautiful.

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