Goodbye, Auckland

After a great two and a half days in Hamilton visiting classes and talking to professors, students, and tutors at Waikato, I’m back in Auckland for one more night (in a definite partyers hostel) before heading south.

I think my public transportation usage is permanently cursed.

Allow me to explain.

At least one sick person within a 3-seat radius on all flights and buses since arrival. At least one crying child within a similar, if not smaller radius. And as of today, welcome to the GGSGG zone, also known as the gum-popping, giggling, shrieking, gossiping girls region of the bus. We are talking about some serious vocal chord endurance on their part.


Auckland, congratulations on (excepting tonight) redeeming yourself substantially. You and your rainy-misty-cloudy-hot-sunny-cold-windy-ness are all right in my book.



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  1. You should preemptively start crying, gum-popping, giggling, shrieking, gossiping, and being sick as soon as you get on public transport. That way, you can guarantee that you'll be the person ruining everyone else's rides within that radius. 🙂

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