Romeo & Juliet, NZ-style

Yesterday’s lesson: If I ever propose visiting New Zealand without an umbrella again, someone stop me. (Sub-lesson: puddles form in low places on the street. Sub-sub-lesson: puddles are bodies of water that, when stepped in, cause dampness in denim and canvas. Sub-to-the-third-power-lesson: jeans take a lot longer to dry in cold weather.)

After a full day’s research at the library, I saw a performance of Romeo and Juliet last night. Lots of cool thoughts to sort through, including why there had to be large men in gold short-shorts and a night club scene, but overall, an interesting show.

Friar Lawrence was by far my favorite character, with a much stronger emotional draw than I’ve seen before, which in part made up for Romeo’s excessively arm-y acting and consequentially weak emotional connection.

Wandered around the city today, as the weather was gorgeous. Lots of pictures, museums, friendly research librarians, a chocolate boutique, and 4 hours of walking later, and I’m about ready to crash.


P.S. Mission “find a good fish ‘n’ chips spot” still incomplete.
P.P.S. Mission “redeem Auckland” a success thus far!


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